WSDG reinforces global representative team

Walters-Storyk Design Group (WSDG) co-principal/director of New Business Development, Sergio Molho has appointed six new representatives in order to extend the firm’s reach to Mainland China, Spain, Italy and South America.

Víctor Cañellas, an acousmatic sinologist and Su Weilie, an architect/interior designer will represent WSDG throughout China. They will also participate in the creative and technical acoustic aspects of projects, which they initiate for WSDG.

Cañellas has been a successful acoustician/sound designer in China since 2003 and he also served with Jocaui Acoustic Panels and Soundbox Acoustic Tech. Weilie joined the Panyu Bridge Group Company in 1990 and participated in the design of the Nansha Tian Hou Temple restoration project. In 1994 he worked on the Guangzhou Olympic Garden, Panyu Museum. He has worked on the Guangzhou Natural Park development, and on luxury hotel, office and historical building projects.

“WSDG has already collaborated on formidable projects in China,” Molho commented. “We provided acoustic design programs for Beijing’s 7 Star Morgan Hotel, Hong Kong’s luxurious Metroplex, multiplex cinema and, pop star, Hins Cheung’s Village Studio complex in Guangzhou. These successful ventures convinced us of China’s growing need for sophisticated acoustic architectural analysis, prediction and design. Our new team of experts will help us provide full service solutions for a wide range of projects in China.

Lluis Moreno has been named representative in Spain. Moreno was a successful live sound engineer before starting his own rep business in 1993. Based in Barcelona, he worked with such U.S companies as Sam Ash, Guitar Center, Ace Music and Mars Music, and leading Japanese music stores. A14-year relationship with Universal Audio increased his digital recording expertise, and in 2005 he co-founded Mas Acoustics with WSDG project engineer, Marc Viadiu, who also represents WSDG in Africa and the Middle East. In 2008 they joined engineer, Giulio Curà to form an Italian acoustics consultancy.

Giulio Curà will rep the firm in Italy. After graduating in 2006, Curà served as a sound engineer for studio sessions, live performances and broadcast events. In 2009 he joined Mas Acoustics in Italy as an acoustic designer, consultant, commercial manager, and specialist in studio design and noise control.

Jesus Cardoso will serve as rep in Mexico. Cardoso is a classically trained musician and award-winning, composer whose interest in audio engineering and cutting edge technology led him to establish pro audio distribution/systems integration firm Audio Gate International. His knowledge of the country’s studios, and close relationships with artists, producers, engineers and studio owners will be valuable assets in bringing WSDG to the attention of this important market. Working with Cardoso is Project Engineer Javier Vyero Villarroel.

Finally, Federico Petrone will cover Buenos Aires.Petrone served as lead audio engineer for Disney Cruise Lines, and joined WSDG in 2007 as audiovisual systems designer/chief installer.

“Expanding WSDG’s international service and client base is a primary component of our business plan,” Molho asserted. “Each of our offices is staffed by specialists with exceptional skills in acoustic measurement and isolation, systems integration, construction management, CAD and related proficiencies. Cumulatively they represent an invaluable talent pool. Our world-wide clients benefit immeasurably from this comprehensive resource.” 

(Pictured left to right: Federico Petrone, Marc Viadiu, Giulio Curà, Sergio Molho and Víctor Cañellas)