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‘We didn’t fit into other spaces in the music industry’: 2% Rising celebrates first anniversary

This week marks the first anniversary of 2% Rising, a networking hub for women and gender minority audio professionals that has almost doubled its membership over the past six months and established itself as an invaluable resource for the community.

Since launching 12 months ago with 50 members, 2% Rising has fostered a community that is now 538 members strong. During that time, it has evolved from a Facebook-based networking hub to a service that provides a wide range of services and professional opportunities for its members. 

Over the past year it has hosted 11 skill share sessions, hosted 12 listening parties, participated in countless social hangouts and helped shine a spotlight on some of its most exciting members via an exclusive partnership with Audio Media International. 

2% Rising was founded by mastering engineer and exclusive Audio Media International columnist Katie Tavini and artist producer Rookes. Since then, fellow producers and artists Susan Cooper. Mika Sellens and Sofia Marques have joined as senior members and played a crucial role in growing the organisation.

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“When Jenny and I started 2% Rising a year ago, we had slightly selfish intentions,” Tavini told Audio Media International. “We felt like we didn’t really fit into other spaces for women and gender minorities in the music industry, and wanted somewhere that we could ask questions and talk to other people about engineering and production. When Suze joined us, our community really started to take shape. I’m really grateful to all the support that the industry has given 2% Rising, and to Mika Sellens and Sofia Marques for their help highlighting the careers and releases from our community. I can’t wait to see where this next year takes us.” 

“Watching 2% Rising grow over the last year has been the most amazing experience,” Cooper added. “Our community is so talented and it’s such a privilege to see our members empowering and supporting each other”

Last week, Audio Media International published the first instalment of our brand new Questions For Katie series, in which Tavini answers our readers’ questions on all things audio, from best practice in the studio, to tips and advice on how to progress through the ever competitive pro audio industry. 

You can read the first Questions For Katie Q&A here.

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