2% Rising: Meet Katarina Delin aka Kat Knix

Audio Media International is delighted to present the latest in an ongoing series of engineer and producer interviews as part of our partnership with 2% Rising. Here, we catch up with Swedish artist and producer Katarina Delin aka Kat Knix.

Launched by artist and producer Rookes and mastering engineer and Audio Media International columnist Katie Tavini, 2% Rising was founded in response to the widely reported statistic that female producers only make up two per cent of the industry. The hub, which is currently over 380 members strong (and still growing), is intended to serve as a safe space for women and gender minority producers to converse, share opportunities, ask questions and network. Sound designer Suze Cooper recently joined Rookes and Tavini as one of the group’s core staff members.

The partnership between Audio Media International and 2% Rising sees us post monthly spotlights on some of the most exciting new talent from the network, while providing regular updates on its latest developments and activities.

Here, Delin talks LGBTQ and feminist electro pop and the challenges facing up and coming talent …

Can you tell us where you’re based and what you do in the pro music and audio industry?
I’m a Swedish producer and artist based in London for the last 10 years. My bestie Plushy and I produce and perform under the LGBTQ and feminist electronic pop duo CRISP&CLASSY.

How did you come to work in music and audio production?
I’ve always been fascinated with sounds, and started to make music in my early years. I quickly realised that if I wanted my music to sound exactly the way I envisioned it, I should do it myself. I never enjoy the feeling of being dependent on someone else to finish my tracks, so naturally I got into Logic and Ableton. I took my time to find my sound, that way I could perfect exactly what I wanted the world to hear.

I must admit I am an extreme perfectionist, so I loved finally being able to control everything in my music creation process; from finding the perfect lead to editing the most monstrous bass. 

What’s been the job you’ve most enjoyed in your career so far?
Being creative with my bestie Plushy, making remixes and performing live.

Of which achievement do you feel proudest?
I’m extremely proud of when Plushy and I gave birth to CRISP&CLASSY; our impatient love baby that’s constantly in your face, all over the place and encouraging everyone to just let their hair down and be free. I’m also very proud of who I am, both as a producer and as a person.

What’s been the most difficult or challenging aspect of your job?
As a female producer in a male dominated industry, I find myself having to work extra hard to prove myself worthy (both to myself as well as to others) and to be respected in the industry. But I’m also grateful, since this has always lit a fire under my ass to always develop my skills.

What do you want to focus on in the future?
CRISP&CLASSY will always be my main focus; today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow… and the day after that… and the day after that… for-EVAHHH! We are currently working on our future EP that will be released in 2021 and we can’t wait to perform our live sets again soon. We also can’t wait to do more collabs with other artists/producers, stay tuned.

How do you feel the pro music and audio industry has changed (or not) since you started to now?
You don’t purchase music in the same way anymore, CDs have been replaced with digital releases. The digital revolution have contributed to an easier access to music, but on the other hand this is one of the reasons why it’s harder for music creators to make money from their art. 

The bigger streaming companies first priorities are unfortunately not fairer pay for music creators, but I was happy to learn during a 2% Rising skill share by talented Terry Tyldesley about Resonate; a co-owning streaming platform, looking to rewire the music industry by giving music creators the tools to set the terms on which to distribute their art. So I strongly believe things are changing for the better.

Have you ever been star-struck by anyone you’ve worked with?
I have yet to meet them. When I do I’ll be star struck as hell, I always wear my heart on my sleeve! 

Which artists and producers are you listening to right now?
Yaeji, Tirzah, Planningtorock and many many more; all fabulous legends.

What do you feel that being a member of 2% Rising has given you?
I am very proud and honoured to be a member of an exclusive female platform, supporting each other, encouraging each other. Being part of female led music platforms makes me feel like I’m part of something bigger. I always know my 2% Rising gals have got my back, big shout out to all you queens!