2% Rising membership surges 50 per cent in last quarter

2% Rising, an online networking hub for women and gender minority producers, has seen its membership surge from 250 members to 380 since September 2020.

Launched in March 2020 by artist and producer Rookes and mastering engineer and AMI columnist Katie Tavini, 2% Rising was founded in response to the widely reported statistic that female producers only make up two per cent of the industry. Sound designer Suze Cooper has also joined Rookes and Tavini as one of the group’s core staff members. 

“The fast growth of 2% Rising has been incredible – it’s so great to see such diversity and talent within the group,” Tavini told AMI. “It’s great to hear that our members are enjoying being a part of the group, and on a more selfish level, I’m really enjoying having a community where I feel I fit in and can truly be a part of.”

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“I am both amazed but not surprised by the growth of 2% Rising since it started in March 2020,” Rookes added. “Clearly we managed to identify something that wasn’t just about what we needed but also about what many women and gender minorities working in studios were craving – a network that is also an authentic community. It has been an honour to watch professional relationships and projects bloom within the group, as well as the recent surge of career successes and personal victories that I believe have naturally developed as a part of fostering a deeply collaborative and empowering environment.”

“It’s been a privilege to watch the 2% Rising network grow and very humbling when we hear someone has joined because the group’s been recommended to them,” said Cooper. “There’s a wealth of talent in the group and alongside that a passion for sharing knowledge and building each other up – and to think all of that has happened without us being in the same room together is a bit mind-blowing!”

Last year, AMI announced a partnership with 2% Rising which sees us present regular spotlights on some of the most exciting new talent emerging from the network, while providing regular updates on its latest developments and activities. 

You can view the latest 2% Rising interview with producer, engineer and multi-instrumentalist Aryanne Maudit here.