500 Mix Module

Radial Engineering has launched the new 500 series compatible Submix 4×1 mixer, with the dual-gang ‘accustate’ input circuit that adjusts sensitivity with gain so separate pads and gain controls are unnecessary. Submix can be cascaded with other units to create larger mixers, and two units can be used for stereo applications such as effects returns and summing.
The unit features four front-mounted quarter-inch input connectors with individual level controls, solid steel construction with baked enamel finish, and is backwards compatible with older 500 series formats.
Radial Sales Manager Roc Bubel said in a recent press release: "…Our long term plan is to produce the most expansive and interesting assortment of modules possible. Together we believe that these tools can open up creativity… In many ways, the 500 series format parallels old-school synthesizers where patching between modules can lead to interesting results. The new Submix lets you patch in any four signals and then send the combined output to some other device. Who knows where this will take folks… At the end of the day, it’s all about unleashing creativity!"