64 Audio revamps A2e custom IEMs

US-based 64 Audio has updated its A2e custom in-ear monitor, adding its proprietary Linear Impedance Design technology and altering the IEMs’ sound signature in the high-mid and high range.

The A2e custom in-ear monitor, which was first released in 2016, boasts two balanced armature drivers in a single package and makes use of 64’s apex (air pressure exchange) technology, which relieves air pressure caused by a sealed ear canal.

The IEMs also include 3D Fit technology, 64 Audio’s proprietary 3D shell printing process that results in a personalised fit.

The A2es have a reputed frequency response of 20Hz – 18kHz and integrated 2-way passive crossover. The sound signature has been changed by employing a single bore design that refines the upper-mids.

Accessories include a 64 Audio personalised protective case, dehumidifier, cleaning tool, shirt clip, 48- or 64-inch detachable professional cable, m15 or m20 apex modules, round 64 Audio brand sticker, and 2-year limited warranty.

The A2e has an MSRP of $499.00.