A-Designs REDDI V2 Valve DI Box now available

A-Designs Audio has introduced the new dual-channel REDDI V2 rackmount valve DI box.

Featuring exactly the same circuitry as the original REDDI in a 19in 2U rackmountable cabinet, the V2 uses a single 6N1P dual triode tube for each channel, along with a custom-wound Cinemag output transformer.

Inside the all-steel case is an overspecified toroidal transformer within a shielded and regulated power supply section, with both valves securely mounted in ceramic sockets. The front panel has a Switchcraft ¼-inch Thru jack, gold-pinned Neutrik XLR output and Combo input jacks. The rear panel houses the IEC power socket and a ground lift switch.

According to the manufacturer, with the same Ampeg sound as the original REDDI unit, the V2’s one meg-Ohm input impedance preserves the sound of guitars like a Fender Strat by not loading down its passive pickups. It promises easy set up and operation, while its two channel format also allows compatibility with synths and electronic keyboards.

The V2 is available now from MTR in the UK with an SRP of £1,033.16 plus VAT.