Abbey Road Studios enters exclusive media partnership with Audio Media International

Audio Media International is delighted to reveal that it has secured an exciting new media partnership with Abbey Road Studios, which will take the form of exclusive monthly content from the legendary London studio. 

For more than 70 years, Abbey Road has been the recording destination of choice for the world’s most innovative and revered artists. From The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Fela Kuti, Kate Bush and Oasis, to Kanye West, Florence & The Machine, Radiohead and The Pet Shop Boys to name but a few, Abbey Road continues to attract artists of all genres and styles, its world-class facilities and pioneering spirit at the heart of some of the greatest records ever made.  

Now, Abbey Road Studios has teamed up with AMI, in a partnership that will see exclusive monthly content explore the very latest trends shaping the recording industry, as well as how music is paving the way for groundbreaking tech. These unique insights will be provided by some of Abbey Road’s most influential engineers, producers and figureheads.

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“What an incredible honour it is for AMI to be partnering with Abbey Road Studios,” commented AMI editor Daniel Gumble. “Its amazing history is there for all to see and hear in the incredible records it has helped to create, and it continues to pave the way not only for work-beating artists but also those behind the desk. With Abbey Road RED it is also providing a hub for the latest technology and creative thinking that will no doubt shape the music industry of tomorrow. As such, the insights this partnership will bring to our readers is invaluable.” 

Mark Robertson, head of brand and communications at Abbey Road Studios, added: “For the past few years, we’ve been on a mission to make Abbey Road Studios more open and accessible than ever before, through sharing our knowledge and expertise with the outside world. As such, Abbey Road is absolutely thrilled to have this opportunity to work with Audio Media International to discuss and explore the present and future of recorded music technologies and everything around them.”