ADAM Audio unveils T Series studio monitor range

ADAM Audio has unveiled the T Series, its new range of nearfield studio monitors for audio recording and production professionals.

The T Series monitors share much of their design with the company’s S Series flagship monitor range, including their accuracy, precise dispersion characteristics, and high dynamic range.

The T Series features ADAM’s U-ART Accelerated Ribbon Tweeter along with a newly designed polypropylene symmetrical-excursion woofer that extends bass to lower frequencies with less distortion.

The new range of 2-way nearfield monitors includes two models, the 5” woofer T5V and the 7” woofer T7V. Both models include ADAM’s High Frequency Propagation System (HPSTM) for ‘extremely consistent’ horizontal and vertical dispersion across the frequency spectrum, DSP innovations for the crossover system, and Class D amplifier systems.

“The engineering team at ADAM Audio was a given a challenge,” said Christian Hellinger, CEO of ADAM Audio. “We asked them for a range of nearfield monitors that will fit into tighter budgets without compromising the design standards that made ADAM a fixture in studios around the world. The T Series delivers, with wide frequency response, low distortion, and precise dispersion control in a value-conscious solution.“

The RRP of the T5V is €199 while that of the T7V comes in at €239. The availability of the T-Series is scheduled for spring 2018.