AES 2016: Apogee announces Element Series

Apogee is using the AES show this week to introduce its new Element Series, along with a Dante network option card for its flagship Symphony I/O MkII interface.

The range comprises three Thunderbolt I/O boxes for Mac: Element 24 (10-in, 12-out), Element 46 (12-in, 14-out) and Element 88 (16-in, 16-out), delivering a new control ecosystem that features ‘an advanced blend of software and hardware options’ as well as Apogee Ensemble recording quality in simple form factors.

The Elements utilise Apogee’s Thunderbolt driver for 1.41ms round-trip latency when using Logic Pro X, and the series also incorporates Apogee Groove’s headphone output technology. This design dynamically optimises sound quality for a wide variety of headphones, regardless of their impedance you have connected, Apogee says.

The highly configurable Element Control software for Mac is designed to let users set up workflows that meet their needs and the Element Control for iOS App allows them to control the Elements remotely over WiFi. Logic Pro X users can adjust Element I/O settings directly from their Logic channel strips and for those wanting more traditional desktop control, there’s the optional Control hardware, featuring an Apogee Duet-like form-factor with eight assignable buttons and a master control knob.

“The Element Series delivers incredible performance at outstanding prices,” said Betty Bennett, co-founder and CEO of Apogee. “The streamlined physical hardware takes a very direct approach, allowing us to maximize the components that are most important to sound quality. In addition, the Element Control ecosystem takes the audio interface user experience a step forward while giving customers more options. We feel the Element Series is transformative and we know our customers will be amazed by the quality and delighted with the value.”

Prices range from $595 USD for the Element 24 to $1,495 for the Element 88.

The new Symphony I/O Mk II Dante option card uses Audinate’s Dante Brooklyn II module, offering plug and play media networking for up to 64 bidirectional channels at 48kHz.

“Dante’s powerful solution allows Symphony I/O MK II customers to network Apogee’s legendary sound quality in a wide range of audio workflows including live sound, sound stages and networked recording studios,” Bennett continued. “Dante compatibility is the latest result of our commitment to the growth and evolution of the Symphony I/O Mk II system.”