AES 2017: Nugen reveals updates for ISL 2 and Halo Upmix tools

Nugen Audio has announced updates for two of its audio tools at the AES Convention in New York.

First is a dither update for ISL 2st, Nugen’s look-ahead brick-wall limiter that provides transparent true-peak limiting for all stereo and mono content, alongside a preview of a 3D Immersive Extension update allowing second and third order Ambisonic (AmbiX format) output for Halo Upmix.

As a stereo-only version of the company’s ISL 2 limiter, ISL 2st takes care of true-peak compliance, and allows for content creation fully compatible with loudness normalisation standards used by the likes of iTunes Radio and Spotify.

Risk of distortion from downstream codec conversion (mp3, AAC, etc) is effectively eliminated with ISL 2st on the master bus. By including a power-compensated true-peak safe dither algorithm in its latest update, ISL 2st enables the minimisation of quantisation errors and artefacts from bit depth reduction processes.

ISL 2st automatically compensates for the dither applied, ensuring that TPMax (maximum true-peak level) is preserved and that true- peak compliance violations are not accidentally introduced in the final output stage, as might potentially be the case when engaging traditional post-TPMax dither functions – particularly pertinent to content repurposed for streaming services, where data compression algorithms are pervasive.

Nugen has also revealed a further update to the 3D Immersive Extension for its Halo Upmix tool (pictured above). The update includes an enhanced upmix algorithm allowing for simultaneous use of all the original features including dialogue isolation and individual channel output control alongside additional vertical controls via an expanded user interface with control over Ltm and Rtm channel placement for Dolby Atmos-compatible placement.

Having launched a first order Ambisonic output in July, the latest 3D Immersive Extension update now allows second and third order Ambisonic output, and both 7.1.4 and 5.1.4 channel configurations to facilitate production in Auro-3D formats.

Nugen Audio is showcasing these latest ISL 2st and Halo Upmix advancements on Booth #5041 at AES New York 2017 — the 143rd International Convention — which opened yesterday and continues until 21 October at the Javits Convention Center, USA.