AES details Paris ‘Audio Projections’ sessions

The Audio Engineering Society (AES) has given details of a new series of ‘Audio Projections’ listening experiences set to take place at the 140th International AES Convention in Paris from 4-7 June at the Palais des Congrès, Porte Maillot.

Comprising a unique set of on-site listening environments purpose-built to showcase the latest surround, multichannel, 3D audio and other immersive audio formats, 12 different Audio Projections sessions will be open to all attendees of the Paris Convention, including free Exhibits-Plus and premium All Access badgeholders.

The Audio Projections will take place from 5pm to 7pm on the Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

The Saturday session will kick-off with a headphone demo presentation entitled “Binaural Audio from Auro 3D,” presented by Wilfried Van Baelen and Bert Van Daele, and followed by sessions including “3D Audio Projections presented by Dan Shores from Sono Luminus, USA,” “Binaural Audio Projections from the BBC,” and wrapping up the day with the listening session “3D Audio Projections by Morten Lindberg from 2L.”

Day two of the convention’s Audio Projections programme will include several sessions led by Radio France, including binaural audio sessions covering both the live production of electronic music for surround-sound reproduction, as well as binaural examples of their “Du cinéma pour vos oreilles,” public audio projections of dramas, concerts and documentaries. Additionally, Wilfried Van Baelen and Bert Van Daele from Auro 3D will return to present a session on 3D Audio featuring loudspeaker demos in 9.1, 11.1, and 13.1 multichannel formats.

Monday 6 June will hold four more Audio Projections sessions, beginning with “Binaural Audio from France Télévisions,” which will explore new productions using binaural audio in the French media including an immersive documentary web series and a separate session offering 3D audio demos ranging from sports to an orchestral performance.

Monday also offers “3D Audio from the Jurassic and Early Triassic” in Auromatic 3D, which will explore creation and production of biological recordings based on recent scientific findings, and concludes with “Contemporary Music in 3D Audio” by Hugo Romano Guimarães from Neu Records in Barcelona, which will give perspective on how we “see” sound, inspired by the soundscape of our surrounding natural acoustics.

Detailed presenter and programme information on each of the Audio Projections sessions can be found on the AES Paris Special Events page at, while early registration and further information on the Convention can be accessed here.