Alcons Audio Returns To Gearfest

Dutch audio innovator brings updates to its upcoming M-series

Returning from last year’s first-time appearance at the show, Alcons Audio is giving another insight in the ongoing development of its pro-ribbon reference monitors.

Whereas Alcons Audio’s 2023 presence was focused on gathering feedback on its product proof-of-concept, this year the company’s participation will present the product in close-to-production guise at Tileyard S-demo rooms.

Alcons Audio will be present with its M-series, as previewed at a number of recent trade shows and private events. The M-series is the group of reference monitor systems, to be used for critical sound reproduction in any application where ultimate analytical sound reproduction is required, combined with an exceptionally wide dynamic range.


Offering similar benchmark-setting performance for audio production in live sound applications, the three-model M series is specifically designed for near- and midfield applications in the immersive studio environment. Its objective is to raise the benchmark for reference monitoring in terms of dynamic capabilities, depth-of-field, imaging and audio resolution.

To achieve this performance, the Dutch audio-innovator developed technologies such as Pro-Ribbon transducers for mid-high frequency reproduction, HempHorn™ waveguides, ScoopVent™ low frequency extending, ActiveCoil™ transducers, among others.

Uniquely utilizing the exact same high resolution proprietary transducer, amplification and processing technologies from recording and mastering through to playback and large-scale delivery, the Alcons systems offer one single, scalable cross-application audio reference: One reference; One experience.

Fulfilling Alcons’ ambition of delivering ‘one-reference: one experience’, this new product group completes the company’s evolutionary audio solutions portfolio.

“From recording through to playback – regardless of content or size of application – Alcons now offers one single, scalable audio reference for the complete sound engineering workflow,” says Alcons Audio co-founder Tom Back.

Alcons systems are to be found in high-end post-production studios around the world, such as STMPD studios Amsterdam, Blazing Griffin studios Glasgow, Bleat Post Production London, Levels Audio studios Hollywood, Eikon Studios London and Los Angeles, Technicolor London, Factory Studios London, Walt Disney, Deluxe Digital, Universal Pictures, YouTube, a.o.

NAMM 2024: Alcons Presents The M-series Pro-Ribbon Reference Monitor Series