Amadeus releases ML 28 subwoofer

French high-end sound reinforcement system manufacturer Amadeus has announced that its ML 28 subwoofer is now shipping and available through dealers in Europe and Asia. The ML 28 subwoofer was premiered at the 2013 Musikmesse Prolight + Sound Frankfurt Expo. The new subwoofer is fitted with dual 18in speakers. The ML 28 system is designed for use with conventional loudspeakers as well as line array systems manufactured by Amadeus, including the company’s PMX, UDX and DIVA Series, and includes standard presets that are compatible with all well-known digital crossovers.

The internal reinforcement structure for the Amadeus ML 28 subwoofer is designed to neutralise any standing waves and to suppress energy loss caused by vibrations.

As a dual speaker enclosure, the ML 28 is equipped with two 18in (46cm) high-power transducers with ventilated voice coils, including high-density neodymium magnets and Double Silicon Spider (DSS) to improve excursion control and linearity. The two drivers are positioned in direct-radiating mode. The ML 28 is also equipped with low-velocity laminar ports using progressive termination, which optimise the air streams to limit the effects of port compression and extremity diffraction. The ML 28 offers a sound pressure level of up to 141dB with a power handling capacity of 5.600W at nominal 4ohm impedance.

Designed to be used on the road for live events fitted with accessories to make its handling easier, the ML 28 subwoofer can also be used within fixed or long-lasting installations.