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Amate Audio appoints BLC Turva as exclusive Finnish distributor

Spanish loudspeaker manufacturer Amate Audio has appointed BLC Turva as its exclusive distributor for Finland. 

The appointment of the large scale IT and network services company supersedes the company’s previous multiple distributor model in the country. It also represents BLC Turva’s first appointment as the exclusive distributor of a dedicated professional audio loudspeaker brand. 

Spearheading BLC Turva’s entry into the pro audio market is project manager Juho Kekarainen. Kekarainen has five years previous association with the Barcelona based loudspeaker company as its principal representative at Tecline OY.

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Amate Audio’s head of sales, Jordi Amate, commented: “Juho was previously ‘our man on Finland’ for five years and it is major opportunity to partner with him again in his new position within BLC Turva.”

On signing the new distributor agreement, BLC Turva has taken delivery of a comprehensive range of systems – including the latest X102FD high output point source PA, G7 commercial audio, Nìtid S6P installation, and X218WF active sub designs – in order to start offering demonstrations to customers. 

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