Antelope Audio reveals Discrete 4 mic pre-amp interface

Antelope Audio has announced the availability of its desktop Discrete 4 Thunderbolt and USB interface.

The new unit is perfect for solo musicians as well as smaller project studios and bedroom-based home recordists/producers, courtesy of four console-grade six-transistor discrete microphone preamps.

Discrete 4 utilises 121 dB dynamic range conversion and fourth-generation 64-bit AFC (Acoustically Focused Clocking) technology, along with Antelope Audio’s real-time FPGA FX, modelling iconic gear from BAE, Grove Hill, Graf Audio, Lang, and more.

Although Discrete 4 is designed to work with any microphone, it works particularly well with Antelope Audio’s new Edge and Verge modelling microphones that were recently announced alongside its bigger brother, the Discrete 8.

Microphones, preamps, conversion, compressors, EQ, and reverb are all accessible either from within Discrete 4’s EasyPanel software or via any DAW, thanks to Antelope Audio’s new AFX2DAW plug-in. With Discrete 4, users can create up to four individual monitoring mixes and send them to headphones or monitor outputs with (or without) whatever FPGA FX they might have stacked. Remote control also comes easily to Discrete 4 via its EasyPanel software or by downloading the free iOS and Android mobile apps.

Discrete 4 can even save and load presets and exchange settings with Antelope Audio’s full lineup of FPGA-equipped audio interfaces, making it easy for both new users and existing owners using a second rig for touring or travel by allowing them to leave their current studio setup untouched when on the road or engaging in session work outside their own facility.

As of 1 November, Antelope Audio is accepting preorders on the Discrete 4 Thunderbolt and USB interface, which will also be included in the following bundles: Discrete 4 with Basic FX collection (€899.00); Discrete 4 with Premium FX collection (€1,399.00); Discrete 4 with Premium FX collection and 1x EDGE modelling microphone (€1,995.00 EUR).