Aphex 500 Modules

Aphex debuted its new 500 Series modules at AES. The J PRE 500 mic pre is inspired by the Aphex 1788A remote controlled preamp, with Aphex patented mic limiter technology. The EQF 500 reissue is a modern take on the Aphex EQF-2 500 series three-band equaliser, with a Jensen output balancing transformer and 25Hz to 20kHz operation. The DUAL RPA 500 mic pre is a two-channel solid state/tube hybrid preamp, and also has mic limiter technology. The A PRE 500 mic pre is inspired by the Aphex 188 eight-channel preamp, both using a custom designed Aphex input transformer. The COMP 500 module is an optical compressor, featuring an electronically balanced input and an optocoupler specified to be as fast as possible.