API review of 2011: January

As the end of 2011 draws ever closer, Audio Pro International provides a comprehensive rundown of the year’s biggest stories and events. Whether it be key product launches, festivals, trade shows, awards, or any other major talking point from the world of pro audio, we hereby offer a month-by-month compendium of 2011’s key moments, starting with January.


The beginning of 2011 saw Radio 2’s Electric Proms culled as part of the Beeb’s attempts to cut costs by 20 per cent over a four -year period; Adam Hall launched its Deep2 amp series, while Neutrik launched a new line of Multimedia Data Connectors at a hugely successful NAMM 2011. Meanwhile, a host of big names gathered for the 26th TEC Awards, recognising some of the biggest names in the recording industry.

Links to each of these stories in full can be found below.

BBC pulls the plug on Electric Proms: http://www.audioprointernational.com/news/read/bbc-pulls-the-plug-on-electric-proms/02750

Adam Hall launches Deep2 amp Series: http://www.audioprointernational.com/news/read/adam-hall-launches-the-deep2-amp-series/02727

NAMM 2011: Neutrik launches multimedia connector series: http://www.audioprointernational.com/news/read/namm-2011-neutrik-launches-multimedia-connector-series/02701

Big names gather for the 26th TEC Awards: http://www.audioprointernational.com/news/read/big-names-gather-for-the-26th-tec-awards/02665

Our 2011 rundown continues with next week with February.