Arturia - Riccardo Damian

Arturia teams up with Grammy-winning engineer and producer Riccardo Damian to share pro mixing tips

French music software and hardware maker Arturia has teamed up with Grammy-winning engineer and producer Riccardo Damian to offer pro mixing tips.

The London-based producer has worked with a wide range of big name artists including Adele, Sam Smith, Mark Ronson, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus and Jorja Smith.

In an exclusive interview, the Italian producer explains how he uses Arturia’s FX Collection to produce a smooth sound in post-production. The FX Collection is a suite of plugins that’s designed to combine the warmth of vintage effects with the creative flexibility of modern audio enhancers. 

“The FX Collection is a Swiss army knife,” said Damian. “It has all the colors, all the flavors and all the taste you need to do anything, from recording to production to mixing – the full spectrum. You could be on a desert island with a laptop and a pair of headphones and the FX Collection, and be fine. You wouldn’t need anything else, you wouldn’t feel you’re lacking anything.”

Speaking from his home studio, Damian offers expert tips on producing and mixing efficiently, such as effective microphone technique among pro singers and powerful drum processing using transient layering.

Giving a glimpse into the way he works, he provides real-life examples and behind-the-scenes snippets from his work, including Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson’s 2014 hit Uptown Funk, which earned Damian a Grammy.

The Arturia FX Collection 2 is available at the discounted price of $299/€299 until 25 June 2021. The standard price tag is $399/€399. Existing Arturia software or hardware customers are eligible for exclusive discounts and crossgrades.

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