Audio-Technica unveils AT-One wireless system

Audio-Technica has launched its new installation-friendly UHF wireless system, the AT-One.

Created with simplicity and ease-of-use in mind, the AT-One was designed as an ideal solution for installers, performers and presenters seeking a fuss-free wireless set-up.

It ships with a carrying case, rack-mount kit and detachable antenna.

The AT-One’s frequency plan is divided into two groups, with four available channels in each group split between the Europe-wide license-free frequency range and the LTE duplex gap. Users can choose up to four channels from one group. This arrangement allows installers to run two four-channel AT-One systems (using separate groups) in close proximity without the fear of interference, for example.

Available in three configurations, AT-One can be purchased with a beltpack or handheld transmitter, or with beltpack and ATR35cW lavalier microphone.

The beltpack offers a sturdy and discreetly designed construction, providing 10mW RF output power, damping switch and a battery life of up to 10 hours.

The ATW-13F handheld system features the ATW-T3F cardioid condenser handheld transmitter, again with 10mW RF output and up to 10 hours battery life.

The ATW-13F’s condenser handheld microphone’s capsule helps prevent the possibility of feedback when used in venues with induction loops installed.

Finally, the ATW-11/PF lavalier system comprises the ATW-11F beltpack system with included ATR35cW tie-clip microphone.

Pricing for each configuration is as follows.

  • ATW-11F Beltpack System – £169.00/€219.00
  • ATW-13F Handheld System – £174.00/€239.00
  • ATW-11/PF Lavalier System – £205.00/€269.00
  • ATW-T1F Beltpack Transmitter – £65.00/€89.00
  • ATW-T3F Handheld Transmitter – £80.00/€109.00
  • AT8677 Dual Rackmount Kit – £14.00/€19.00.

AT-One will be available from early November 2015.