Behringer RD-8 MKII

Behringer unveils RD-8 MKII based on 40-year-old chip

The new Behringer RD-8 MKII drum machine is based on the 40-year-old chip that powered the original sound of the 808.

The new device features a reproduction of the classic 662 OTA chip, designed to offer the most authentic and accurate recreation of the iconic drum machines.

“This drum machine has been re-designed from the ground up with carefully selected components and circuitry, which have dramatically improved the sound of the voices as well as noise and phase response across both the main and individual outputs,” says the manufacturer.

“Most importantly, our engineers – together with our Coolaudio semiconductor sister company – successfully recreated the 40-year-old BA662 chip, which is instrumental for the authentic voices of this instrument. 

“We’re proud to deliver the most authentic and accurate analog drum machine recreation ever produced.”

An update to the existing RD-8, the RD-8 MKII offers 16 original drum sounds with additional parameters and global accent capability, plus a powerful 64-step drum sequencer.

There are 11 independent analogue outputs for external processing or recording rhythms as multi-track audio.

The RD-8 MKII has storage for up to 16 songs and 256 patterns, all of which can be imported or exported during playback.

A Pattern Mode enables the arrangement of patterns into full songs and as well as setting the number of repeats per song part. Meanwhile, Song Mode enables the chaining together of songs for live sets and expanded compositions.

Featuring 29 knobs, 5 switches and 59 buttons, the RD-8 MKII has been laid out with an intuitive format.

The Behringer RD-8 MKII is available now for $329.

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