Berlin Pathwaves 2020 gets underway

Pathwaves 2020, a Berlin-based event for women and non-binary is now underway, running until November 6.

Founded by Jane Arnison in 2019 and held at Red Bull Studios Berlin from November 2-6, the event provides workshops and a variety of education sessions and opportunities, with the aim of increasing the number of women and non-binary professionals working in the industry.

The event is open to everyone from runners, assistants, engineers, artists, songwriters, and producers all at various levels of development. The course will also include added online elements in order to enable remote participation due to COVID-19.

Arnison is a Berlin based Australian record producer, studio engineer, musician and sound artist. She is also the BIMM Berlin’s Head of Production, and has over 15 years in music tuition. In Sydney, Arnison worked as an engineer at BJB Studios where she worked with many Australian legends such as Silverchair, and Empire of the Sun. Since moving to Berlin she has worked with the likes of Peaches, Austra, PlanningtoRock, and others, in addition to releasing two albums as Evvol, her musical project alongside Julie Chance. Arnison also works as product specialist for Native Instruments and ADAM Audio.

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