Blue Hummingbird microphone now available

Blue Microphones has announced the availability of the Hummingbird Class A small-diaphragm microphone.

With a ‘precisely tuned’ diaphragm based on Blue’s B1 capsule, Hummingbird is designed to be ultra-responsive and deliver extended frequency response, suitable for studio and stage use on drum overheads, acoustic guitar, strings, harp, or any other instrument with fast transients and rich overtones. Hummingbird also features an adjustable pivoting head that allows for 180° of rotation.

“With fast transient response, high SPL handling and extended high frequency, Hummingbird is an exceptional small diaphragm microphone. To take it further, we designed the capsule to rotate 180° for easy placement and now you have an undeniable weapon for drum overheads, acoustic guitar, piano and more,” said Tommy Edwards, director of product management at Blue. “Like its avian counterpart, the Hummingbird is compact, able to fit precisely into tight spaces, and can nimbly change positions where others can’t.”

Featuring a pressure gradient cardioid capsule based on Blue’s B1 capsule and a proprietary Class A, fully discrete circuit, Hummingbird promises balanced character with plenty of sparkling high end. With no ICs in the signal path, the mic exhibits ‘maximum detail and the lowest possible noise floor’. The Hummingbird is designed to capture the nuances of a wide range of instruments.

Inspired by the Dragonfly and Mouse microphones, Hummingbird’s 180° pivoting head enables free range of motion for positioning. When using two Hummingbirds as stereo overheads, the 180° rotating head allows an engineer to ‘precisely dial in the stereo field in seconds’.

Hummingbird comes with a road-ready protective carrying case, along with a mic clip and foam windscreen. Hummingbird is now available at authorised retailers with an MSRP of $299.99.