Calrec joins RAVENNA community

UK-based console manufacturer Calrec has entered into a RAVENNA partnership. With Calrec, RAVENNA IP-based networking now receives broad support from more than just one mixing desk manufacturer.

The announcement comes in the wake of the publication of the AES67 Standard on High-performance Audio-over-IP Streaming Interoperability, which is fully in line with the fundamental operating principles of RAVENNA. Consequently, integration of RAVENNA opens-up a straightforward way for Calrec to establish a powerful and flexible gateway between its internal Hydra2 network and the AES67-based outside world.

Patrick Warrington, technical director, Calrec: “The excellent work by the AES’s X192 committee in its publication of AES67 has given the AoIP project a huge boost, allowing different manufacturers to design interfaces that they are confident will work with other manufacturers’ equipment. ALC NetworX’s involvement in drafting AES67 means RAVENNA interfaces will be directly compatible with AES67 equipment. While MADI continues to serve the industry extremely well, we expect to see AoIP interconnections providing a more flexible and elegant replacement in the near future, offering greater capacity, flexibility and multicast possibilities, all on an infrastructure shared with other services.”

Andreas Hildebrand, senior product manager of ALC NetworX, adds: “The increasing interest in the new AES67 interoperability standard just underlines the demand for open media networking standards. With every new manufacturer that comes on board, the appeal of RAVENNA is broadened exponentially. The decision of Calrec in particular, unquestionably one of the worlds’s leading suppliers of broadcast mixing consoles, to select RAVENNA as the path towards AES67-based media networking interoperability further validates RAVENNA’s approach of providing an open technology framework based on existing standards. Beyond already being compatible with AES67, RAVENNA offers manufacturers such as Calrec the pivotal freedom and flexibility to adopt the technology to their individual platforms or to add specific functionality as required.”

Andreas Hildebrand, senior product manager, ALC NetworX