Campfire Audio Satsuma

Campfire Audio unveils two new pairs of affordable in-ear monitors

American manufacturer Campfire Audio has unveiled two new pairs of in-ear monitors (IEMs), designed to offer an audiophile-grade soundstage at an affordable price. 

Named Satsuma and Honeydew, with zesty colours to match, the wired earphones are designed as a “fresh take on Pro IEMs”.

Both models feature the maker’s unique 3D-printed acoustic chamber design. This chamber is designed to optimise frequency response curves emanating from the unit’s full-balanced armature drive.

The Satsuma’s clear and balanced sound make it well-suited for almost any musical genre, particularly rock, pop, classical or jazz, says the maker. 

The slightly more expensive Honeydew model sports a a custom-designed 10mm LCP diaphragm dynamic driver for a fast and dynamic bass response. Campfire Audio that these earphones are best suited to R&B, Hip Hop and EDM.

Campfire Audio Honeydew

“Both the Satsuma and Honeydew feature design characteristics that are also present in our higher priced audiophile earphone models,” said Caleb Rosenau, Vice President of Campfire Audio. “With the launch of these two affordably priced earphone models, our intention was to help consumers become more focused on the emotional impact of their music, rather than distracted by connectivity.”

All of the maker’s earphones are designed and manufactured in Portland, Oregon in the U.S..

Both of the new models are equipped with high-quality cabling and come with a soft-lined carrying case along with a selection of tips to match any size ear.

The Campfire Audio Satsuma earphones are available now for $199 while the Honeydew come with a slightly higher price tag of $249.

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