Clear-Com FreeSpeak intercoms installed by Spanish broadcaster TVE

Spain’s national broadcaster, Televisión Española (TVE), has installed Clear-Com’s FreeSpeak digital wireless intercoms at its Madrid headquarters, Prado del Rey and Torrespaña.

Forming two separate networks for each station, the systems together comprise 40 FreeSpeak antennas and 70 FreeSpeak beltpacks; a setup that is aimed at ensuring that staff members have fast access to reliable communications.

By enabling coverage across almost all areas of TVE’s Torrespaña and Prado del Rey stations, the Clear-Com Eclipse digital matrix with integrated FreeSpeak systems has contributed to the improvement of the broadcaster’s overall workflow. Operating license-free in the 1.88 to 1.93 GHz frequency band, FreeSpeak permits interconnection in all of the key production areas, with its antennas dispersed through the facility to maximise wireless coverage. Furthermore, FreeSpeak combines DECT and wireless auto-roaming technologies to allow users to move freely throughout the facilities without fading or losing connection between staff members.

“TVE has a heavy programming slate, which required wireless intercom systems that would stand up to such a frenetically paced production environment,” said Jose María Alvarez González, general manager, QinMedia. “With its ease of integration with other third-party systems, the Eclipse-based FreeSpeak system has been a powerful intercom solution, especially because it is scalable and can be programmed quickly. Additionally, FreeSpeak provided dependable wireless coverage for all of the network’s channels, including its 24-hour news station.”

“Clear-Com understands the requirements of large, complex broadcasting operations such as TVE,” said Richard Palmer, Regional Sales Manager, Southern Europe and Africa, Clear-Com. “These operations cannot afford any downtime, especially if it is caused by dropped communications. That’s why Clear-Com’s Eclipse-based FreeSpeak, as with all Clear-Com products, have been designed to be ultra-reliable. Clear-Com is pleased that TVE has recognized this, and has chosen to outfit some of its major stations with our wireless intercom solutions.”

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