D.A.S. launches Sound Force loudspeakers

D.A.S. has launched the Sound Force Series of club systems designed for today´s dance venues where ‘exceptional sound, imposing power and impressive looks’ are key requisites. 

The new range presently offers four models comprising mid-high, mid bass, and subwoofer options. The SF-112 is a mid-high three-way cabinet, which allows for passive or bi-amp operation. The mid-range is handled by the new D.A.S. 12HQ loudspeaker. High frequency reproduction is trusted to the D.A.S. M-75N neodymium compression driver used by D.A.S. on a number of its systems. Both components are mounted to fibreglass horns with a quality ‘polished’ finish. The ultra-high frequencies are handled by twin bullet-type tweeters mounted on supports.

The SF-215 is a bass system comprising two DAS 15in loudspeakers in a fourth order bass-reflex configuration. The bass cabinets can either be stacked, or flown on both sides of the SF-112 to form a four-way array. Two subwoofer options are available in the Sound Force series. The SF-221, a double 21in subwoofer comprising twin 21LXN4 loudspeakers in V loaded configuration and the SF-30A, a powered ultra-low system. The SF-30A employs a 30in push-pull moving magnet transducer powered by a Class D amplifier offering 7,500W continuous power for breath taking low frequency reproduction.

Cabinet construction for the Sound Force Series is consistent with the D.A.S. pro systems standards, using birch plywood, a robust build and the durable ISO-flex coating. 20 M10 threaded rigging points are available on the SF-112 and SF-215 cabinets to facilitate flying.