Dante virtual soundcard

Dante Virtual Soundcard approved for CEDAR Cambridge

CEDAR Audio has approved the Dante Virtual Soundcard for its CEDAR Cambridge audio processor.

The Dante Virtual Soundcard was approved for CEDAR’s flagship processor after a period of extensive testing. The CEDAR Cambridge system can now connect seamlessly to Dante networks. 

Tony Webster, senior engineer for CEDAR Cambridge, explained, “Audio over IP is the modern way to connect audio systems and Dante Virtual Soundcard offers three immediate benefits to our users: it’s quick, it’s simple, and it’s very affordable. 

“It provides a robust way for connected systems to communicate over longer distances using much more convenient and more reliable network cabling – cabling that probably already exists throughout the user’s premises – and it’s especially beneficial for customers with larger, distributed audio networks. 

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“They will now be able to patch other Dante equipped systems to CEDAR Cambridge’s Ethernet port with no special cables or converters needed, and no more moving of equipment or servers around the facility.”

Dante Virtual Soundcard is available direct from Dante manufacturer Audinate.