Dave Chapman named creative director and partner at Endless Noise

Producer, engineer and Ugly Duck Studios co-founder Dave Chapman has been appointed creative director and partner at music and sound design firm Endless Noise.

The Santa Monica-based music and sound design company has won multiple awards and provided services to the likes of Amazon Studios, Nike, Coca-Cola, Audi, Lexus, Honda, American Express, Hyundai, Volkswagen, Motorola, MasterCard and Nissan. Chapman, while relocating to Santa Monica for his new role, will remain involved in the running of Boston-based Ugly Duck Studios. which is currently being run day-to-day by Dan Babai. Ugly Duck’s clients include Walt Disney Studios, LucasArts, NPR, the New York Times, the BBC, Comcast, MTV, AT&T, Buick, the History Channel, and many others.

Endless Noise founder, Jeff Elmassian, said: “Dave is an incomparable musician and producer with a multi-faceted command of both the creative and business needs of our clients. He’s worked in Boston for over a decade, where he built his own studio and developed both the knowledge of our field and the entrepreneurial spirit needed to help run Endless Noise.”

“Dave’s already played an instrumental role in the development of our exciting and soon-to-be-announced new music library! I’ve been waiting a long time for someone with the right mix of experimental ingenuity and grounded strategic thinking to come along and help me move Endless Noise boldly into the future. Dave has been well worth the wait.”

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Chapman added: “I was a composer by training, and sort of fell into becoming an audio engineer as well in the early stages of my career. I met Jeff through a member of my family, and I began writing commercial music for him. After about five years of working with each other long distance, I had reached a point in my life where I was looking to move out of Boston, so I contacted Jeff about joining him at Endless Noise. We were determined to figure out a way to work together. That was a pivotal moment for both of us.

“I love working with Jeff – he’s still a kid at heart, always throwing out a million amazing ideas – he’s great at giving creative feedback and we work really well together. In a lot of ways he’s been a mentor to me into the LA scene, and Endless Noise has been immensely valuable in helping me get established here. At our studio, I ensure that all creative projects get done; I go out and find new jobs, and sometimes I’m the creative or I decide who to hire for an assignment from our team of composers.”