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DPA Microphones Score At Live Sports Broadcasts

It’s no question that when it comes to live sports broadcasts, audio plays a huge role in translating all the action back to fans – especially as many of them continue to watch at home.

DPA Microphones is the leading Danish Professional Audio manufacturer of high-quality condenser microphone solutions. Among their users is Emmy Award-winning Audio Mixer Joe Carpenter, who has been working in the sports broadcast business for nearly three decades.

Throughout those years, Carpenter has regularly chosen DPA’s 4061 Omnidirectional mics for years. Well known in the sports world, Carpenter has provided audio for major networks for professional football games, PGA golf tournaments and MLB baseball including the 2021 World Series in Atlanta and Houston.

“I use the DPA 4061 in the parabolic dishes behind home plate for pro baseball games, and they’re awesome,” says Carpenter. “I’ve tried every type of element and microphone in that setup, and I have found that the DPA 4061 is the absolute best.”

Carpenter explains that when miking a professional baseball game, there’s so much going on, mics sometimes take away frequencies. However, with the DPA 4061s, he’s found quite the opposite to be true. “These mics actually enhance the frequencies that I want, and they’ve got really good response,” he says. “It’s very natural sounding and makes for a very organic transition from the parabolic dish to the sound of the crowd roaring, or something similar.”

Carpenter also explains that baseball is the only sport where the dimensions of the stadium and the resulting acoustic environment are completely different. “One day, I might work in a stadium with a closed roof, and other in one that’s open,” he adds. “I find that I can also rely on those DPA mics in the parabolic dishes to provide the best sonic qualities. My distance from the sound source, the source itself, and the actual position and height and angle might change a little bit, but I always know that I can turn to my DPA 4061 as my starting point.”