EV Gets Networking

Electro-Voice has announced a new development for its Tour Grade power amplifiers; the RCM-28 DSP and network module. The RCM-28 is a dual-channel, digital controller module which features a redundantly implemented OMNEO network interface. Via IRIS-Net software, all of a Tour Grade amplifier’s network and system parameters can be supervised and controlled remotely.

The RCM-28 is the first EV product to support the new OMNEO media networking architecture. With the module, Tour Grade series amplifiers can be integrated within OMNEO networks with up to 100 other devices without additional hardware.

The module offers a digital AES 3 input with a loop-through possibility and a dynamic range of 128dB, whilst two analogue inputs and outputs are available via XLR connections. In each case two input and output signals in OMNEO/Dante format can be received or transmitted. A third additional channel can also be transmitted for remotely monitoring the audio signal path at the amplifier.