EVE Audio debuts SC3010 and SC3012

Studio monitor specialist EVE Audio has announced its newest monitoring solutions SC3010 and SC3012.

Designed and assembled in Berlin, Germany, the SC3010 and SC3012 serve as main monitors, making them especially well-suited for large recording studios, mastering suites, and audio post-production studios for film and television, including cinema applications and in-wall installations. The SC3010 powered studio monitor incorporates a new 10in low frequency driver while the SC3012 houses a 12in low frequency driver. Both models are equipped with a 5in Rohacel sandwich diaphragm woofer that has been designed to reproduce midrange frequencies very clearly and with the utmost detail.

The SC3010 and SC3012 are the only monitors in the EVE Audio range that feature the newly developed RS6 Air Motion Transformer. Its larger geometry and increased folded diaphragm area are designed to achieve a higher sound pressure level and serve a wider frequency range, with a crossover point as low as 1800Hz.

All of the frequency response parameters are controlled by high-resolution DSP electronics supported with a high quality A/D converter from Burr-Brown. As the PWM-amplifiers are directly connected to the DSP section, no additional conversion is necessary, which ensures extreme reliability.

For in-wall installations all corresponding acoustic filter modifications are achieved when filter controls are set to ‘in-wall’. The backfiring bass ports can be closed with provided foam material.

The speakers are packaged in sophisticated cabinets that house an ultra stiff front plate, which combines plywood with a special inner construction to reduce unwanted resonances. The stylish grey centre plate housing the midrange unit and AMT tweeter can be rotated to allow for use in both vertical and horizontal orientation, preserving control room sight lines and optimising acoustic performance.

The EVE Audio SC3010 and SC3012 are expected to ship in September 2014.