Genelec appoints Marcel Schechter as Senior Customer Experience Specialist

Finnish manufacturer Genelec has appointed Marcel Schechter as Senior Customer Experience Specialist, with a special focus on the German market.

Based near Stuttgart, Schechter forms part of Genelec’s international marketing and sales team.

He will be focusing on strengthening activities in marketing, education and customer support and will be working in close collaboration with Genelec’s Business Development Manager Eric Horstmann and local German distributor Audio Pro.

“Marcel is a perfect fit for Genelec – his knowledge, energy and passion for the brand has been obvious since the day he joined Audio Pro,” said Genelec International Sales Director Ole Jensen. “With our total commitment to building closer relationships with our customers in Germany and reinforcing local distribution activities, we know that Marcel’s connections and experience will prove invaluable.” 

After graduating in Audio Audiovisual Media, Schechter worked as a studio engineer and lecturer, spending seven years as an engineer at Bauer Studios in Ludwigsburg. 

He then joined Audio Pro in 2014 as Genelec product specialist where he gained a deep knowledge of the brand, specialising in helping customers with loudspeaker selection, installation and room calibration, and providing education to both dealers and customers.

Schechter said “I’m really excited about joining the Genelec team and further developing the work that I’ve been doing in recent years. To play an even bigger part in delivering an elevated customer experience is an opportunity that I’m really looking forward to.”