Hit’n’Mix launches major update for Infinity

Hit’n’Mix has launched a major update to its Infinity software.

RipX: DeepAudio is a free update for all existing Infinity users and is designed to dramatically improve audio separation.

The update also offers a faster and smoother workflow, in addition to new effects and automatic processing capabilities, says Hit’n’Mix.

DeepAudio uses AI isolation algorithms and a deep-ripping process to automatically deconstruct any audio file – a process that would normally require a team of studio engineers and dedicated equipment. 

“Professionals need access to unprecedented levels of audio detail and manipulation,” said Martin Dawe, Hit’n’Mix CEO and creator of RipX: DeepAudio. If you find existing tools overly complex and difficult to make the most of, the RipX Future Audio Platform may be your ideal solution. Uniquely working with Rips rather than waveforms, it becomes possible to edit sounds as the objects you hear, making complex editing tasks a breeze.”

The update enables users to accurately separate voice, drums, bass, and other sounds right down to the note, harmonic and noise level while bass drums and other percussion are now editable as individual sounds. What’s more, the upgrade means that vocal sibilants can be isolated and edited.

“RipX is the result of our vision to provide the most cutting-edge audio platform available,” said Dawe. “It’s the first of its kind to offer next-generation true source separation, and is up to 10x faster than Infinity 4.7. It should be more appealing than ever to professionals looking for a super-fast, ultra-powerful workflow. After painstakingly examining every element and process and improving upon them, we feel confident that we’ve developed a future audio platform for the next generation.”

For non-infinity users, RipX: DeepAudio is can be purchased separately for $349/£299/€339 and Hit’n’Mix is offering a 30% discount until the end of May 2021.