Hit’n’Mix reveal NEW RipX DeepCreate Module and Black Friday Sale

Hit’n’Mix Ltd, the pioneering audio software company responsible for the multiple award-winning RipX DeepRemix & DeepAudio, has announced a major new RipX module – DeepCreate. And they’ve revealed details of their 30% discount Black Friday sale! 

What is DeepCreate?

DeepCreate is a unique, easy-to-use, yet powerful audio system that inspires you to generate original ideas and create music from scratch using any instrument, MIDI/MPE controller, microphone or samples. DeepCreate integrates seamlessly with the DeepRemix stem separation & DeepAudio pro-editing and clean-up workflows. Use alongside your DAW or as a standalone app.

What you see is what you hear and once your music is inside DeepCreate, you won’t need to think about audio and MIDI – they become one, inspiring boundless creativity!

Whether you’re a musician, producer or audio professional – DeepCreate is a cutting-edge audio playground where anything goes. Connect a microphone, instrument, hardware synth or turntable; rip your audio files and favourite VST synth presets; import and auto-assign banks of samples to your MIDI/MPE device; practice and record parts; perform or draw in automation; add groundbreaking, fluid effects, create combos of those effects, and much more.

Better yet – DeepCreate comes preloaded with a variety of hand-picked instruments, percussion, SFX and loops to get you started.

Once your ideas have taken form, either complete your song within DeepCreate, or export the stems to your DAW.

Black Friday Sale

To celebrate, Hit’n’Mix are offering 30% off the entire RipX module range in their Black Friday Sale which runs until 8th December 2022!

As a reminder, Hit’n’Mix invented the revolutionary Rip Audio format, which is as dynamic as MIDI, as well as having the full detail of audio recorded using microphone and other sources. All music, whether performed using a MIDI keyboard, MPE controller or ripped from an existing track ends up as Rip Audio in DeepCreate. This means that all DeepCreate effects and sounds can be applied to any sound, regardless of its source. What’s more, as Rip Audio works off the key ingredients of sound, such as pitch and timbre, it requires little audio processing to apply complex and dynamic effects, and it’s even possible to audition and see detailed changes to music on screen, before hitting play.

About Hit’n’Mix   

Hit’n’Mix Ltd develops and sells audio editing software RipX including its three modules DeepRemix, DeepCreate and DeepAudio via a global dealer network and directly at www.hitnmix.com. Hit’n’Mix, DeepRemix, DeepCreate, DeepAudio, Your Music Master, Your Creative Companion, Your Sound Surgeon, RipX, Future Audio Platform and Audioshop are trademarks or registered trademarks of Hit’n’Mix Ltd.

What do Hit’n’Mix say?

Martin Dawe, Hit’n’Mix CEO and the creator of RipX comments:

 “After a few attempts at creating techno music when I was 14, I always wanted to get into music production, but frustratingly never found the time: I’ve run companies most of my life and, despite my technical background, I always found existing audio apps took too long to learn. For some time I’ve wondered whether a more intuitive system could be developed, based upon the Rip Audio format I created. Something more instinctual that could be used to write a complete song, but without complicated distractions or features hidden deep inside submenus. Something that felt like it was a companion rather than a workstation, that inspired experimentation and deep creativity.

“I’d like to introduce you to DeepCreate, the newest addition to our RipX Future Audio Platform, based on the Rip Audio format.”

What does RipX DeepCreate do?

  • Effortlessly record MIDI/MPE and audio into RipX – create a Layer, then select your device from the Inputs Panel and press the red record button. Add to existing ripped audio, or start from scratch!
  • Get creative with samples, instruments and other sounds – draw in, drop on, or apply to existing audio. Even swap any sound for another, like a vocal line for a guitar riff!
  • Blend instruments and sounds together – and create new instruments and sounds! The level of each blended instrument can be adjusted over time – for example, make it start with a Bass drum attack and fade into a sub-bass. Then apply to all existing bass notes.
  • Easily re-perform and re-sequence Layers – replace your song layers with new parts. Add any audio from existing recordings as new sounds and map to MIDI/MPE controllers and keys for re-recording.
  • Experiment with a wide range of dynamic and creative audio effects – apply after recording, or control effects via MIDI in real-time: Turn a knob to apply pitch correction to your voice or tweak modulation with your hands using MPE, for the ultimate in expressive output.
  • Find your unique sound by constructing effect and sound combos – drag and drop your choice of effects and samples onto each other and get deep and dirty with your creativity.
  • Color-coded automation lanes – apply to notes, groups of notes, and time regions. Easily control all effect and sound levels over time.
  • Rip VST3 instruments – rip and store any VST3 preset in the Sound Panel, ready to record with.
  • View note names on the piano roll – see the notes as the playhead moves through each key. Great for analyzing existing performances!
  • Keep your ideas when not recording – stored as Practice Clips in case you forget to press record when in a creative flow-state!
  • Customizable UI and panels – adjustable panels which can be opened, collapsed or repositioned to the left- or right- hand side of the screen.
  • Includes hand-picked instruments, percussion, SFX and loops – get started with these sounds, available from the Sound Panel.
  • Seamlessly connect to your existing DAW – with the included VST/ARA and AAX plug-ins.

RipX DeepCreate comes bundled with the award-winning DeepRemix module. Add-on the pro DeepAudio module for precision audio editing, and clean-up tools. For an additional $99/£79/€85, you get the full version of Audioshop (including tools such as Unpitched Editor, Harmonic Editor & Clone), Clean-Up & Repair effects, plus RipScripts (create your own tools).RipX DeepCreate is included for free with existing RipX DeepAudio licenses.

RipX DeepCreate is a paid update for existing RipX DeepRemix customers.

And if you’re new to RipX, you can find out more by watching their quick videos online: Hit’n’mix video explainers

And you can watch musician Benn Jordan get INSANE with RipX DeepCreate here:

What top professionals are saying about RipX

Fatboy Slim – Grammy, MTV & Ivor Novello Award-Winning Artist, Music Producer, Remixer & DJ: “I am having a lot of fun with RipX. I love it!”

Karl Twigg – Multi-platinum selling songwriter, composer and producer (Backstreet Boys, Westlife, Five, Steps): “RipX is to music production what the advent of sampling was to the industry when it was first introduced.”

Trials, Downloads and Purchasing

A 21-day free trial for RipX including all three DeepRemix, DeepCreate and DeepAudio modules can be downloaded here: Download RipX. Full licenses can be purchased from Hit’n’Mix‘s resellers or on-line here: Buy RipX.

MSRP of RipX DeepCreate | DeepRemix:      

$198                 for North America and the rest of the world

£158 inc VAT   for UK        

€170 inc VAT   for EU


RipX DeepCreate | DeepRemix (until 8th Dec):      

$138                 for North America and the rest of the world

£110 inc VAT   for UK

€119 inc VAT   for EU

RipX DeepCreate ADD-ON for DeepRemix (available via hitnmix.com ONLY):       

$99                    for North America and the rest of the world

£79 inc VAT      for UK

€85 inc VAT      for EU

RipX DeepCreate LAUNCH SALE ADD-ON for DeepRemix (available via hitnmix.com ONLY (until 8th Dec) is:      

$69                       for North America and the rest of the world

£55 inc VAT         for UK

€59 inc VAT         for EU

System Requirements 

  • macOS 10.12+ (2011 & later models, including M1) / Windows 7/8/10/11 (64-bit)
  • Minimum: 2 Core 2.5GHz CPU, 8 GB RAM, 20 GB Free Disc Space
  • Recommended: 4+ Core CPU / Apple Silicon M1/M2, 16+ GB RAM, 20 GB Free Disc Space
  • For Much Faster Ripping Speeds on Windows: NVIDIA GeForce 1070/1080/1080 Ti/2070/2080/2080 Ti/3070/3080/3090 with 16 GB RAM and NVIDIA CUDA Toolkit 11.0 installed (free download)
  • RipLink AudioSuite plug-in requires Pro Tools 12.8.2 (macOS) / 12.2 (Windows) or later.
  • RipLink VST3/ARA plug-in requires Studio One 4, Cubase/Nuendo 11.0.30, Reaper 5.97, Cakewalk 2019.05 or later.