HK Audio introduces new Linear 5 speaker cabinets range

German pro audio manufacturer, HK Audio, have revealed their new series of high-performance speakers cabinets, Linear 5.

Linear 5 was designed, according to the company, to delight ambitious musicians and DJs as well as hire companies.

Certainly, the cabinets pack some punch with no other system in the 1 inch class able to match the Sound Pressure Levels (SPL) produced by the Linear 5. This matched with the tough birch housing and surprisingly affordable price tag means that the Linear 5 range will be appealing to many.

The Linear 5 series is exceptionally versatile. By combining just two L5 112FA enclosures users are able to set up a full-fledged, fullrange stereo system. Similarly, with the two stackable subwoofer models available, they also cover applications which demanding lower-ranging bass response. In addition, the tops can also serve as delay line monitors—the XA model—and as speakers for decentralized sound reinforcement systems.

Currently, the company have already released five powered models with passive counterparts being released in May 2012.

The fullrange top HK Audio L5 112 FA comes with a 12 inch speaker and 1 inch driver is able to deliver the most powerful bass performance in its class. The L5 112 FA also comes with a switchable EQ. What is more, is can be deployed as a stand-alone cabinet, in stereo pairs or as a satellite paired with a Linear 5 subwoofer.

The HK Audio L5 112 XA—which also comes with a 12 inch speaker and 1 inch driver—is able to handle a high SPL of 135 dB max peak and is also equipped with a switchable filter. The substantial range of the L5 112 XA means that it would operate as an excellent top unit as well as being paired with a Linear Sub 2000 subwoofer.

The HK Audio L5 112 XA can also serve as a superb monitor. It is able to handle plenty of gain before feedback occurs. What is more, with the rotatable 60° x 40° CD horn it is also able to provide top-draw coverage and directivity. 

The HK Audio L5 115 FA is another fullrange top delivering 1,000 watts as a stand-alone cabinet. This leaves it the loudest reference speaker in its class. In addition to its 15 inch speaker supported by the 1 inch driver it features an asymmetrical horn ith an optimised coverage pattern. This is wider up front and grows more directed with distance. This helps the L5 115 FA achieve greater range.

The 1,200-watt HK Audio L Sub 2000 A powered subwoofer features a 2.5 inch voice coil, two high-excursion 12 inch subwoofers and sixth-order double bandpass crossover. This is assisted by advanced cooling technology and a dual spider suspension that keeps it perfectly centred for ultra-precise tracking.

The 1,200-watt HK Audio L Sub 1200 A is an ideal subwoofer for band PAs. Compact, light and housed in a bass reflex enclosure it is packed with two 10 inch woofers and an effective 1,200 watt, Class-D power amp. The L Sub 2100 can also drive a connected passive L5 210 Sub.