IBC 2017: Nugen Audio previewing new batch processing for Dolby formats

Nugen Audio will be showcasing a beta version of its AMB Dolby Module – the latest option for the AMB Audio Management Batch processor modular software – at IBC 2017 (Booth 8.D56) later this week.

AMB is designed to improve workflow efficiency for a range of different tasks, and the final version of the Dolby Module is expected to be released in Q4.

Using AMB Loudness, DynApt or Upmix modules with the new AMB Dolby Module, post-production facilities can natively batch process Dolby E, Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus files, reducing delivery times considerably for loudness measurement and correction, dynamics processing and upmixing.

The facility to decode these Dolby formats to linear PCM wave files further supports workflow versatility. The AMB Dolby Module also provides support for Dolby Metadata and Dolby E Program configurations.

"We’re pleased that Nugen’s new AMB Dolby Module offers content creators scalable, batch processing of content in Dolby formats," said JC Morizur, senior director of Pro Products and Solutions at Dolby Laboratories. "There is increasing need for our users to process large numbers of files under tight time restrictions. AMB will help our customers meet those demands."

Meanwhile, Nugen Audio will also demonstrate a new update for its Halo Upmix with a new 3D Immersive Extension that builds on Halo 9.1, adding further options beyond the existing Dolby Atmos bed track capability.