IBC2013: DK-Technologies to unveil DK T7 audio meter

At IBC2013 (8:E60) DK-Technologies will show the DK T7 – a multi touch interface audio and loudness meter.

The DK T7 incorporates as standard every audio and loudness meter function currently offered by the DK meter range. These functions include bargraphs, moving coil emulation, DK-technologies’ StarFish and JellyFish display technology, FFT spectrum analysis and industry compliant loudness and logging.

The new DK T7 also includes 3G SDI picture preview, as well as the ability to read and log against SMPTE time-code – a feature that has only recently been added to the DK meter range.

Uffe Kjems, product marketing director for DK-Technologies, said: “Engineers working in the broadcast and post production industries now have to cope with a complex set of formats, standards and documentation requirements. For this reason we felt it was vital to give them an easy to use Audio and Loudness meter that did the job it was bought for as soon as it came out of its box. The DK T7 is the most complete, high precision Audio and Loudness meter on the market today – and the most honest because it does not involve any hidden costs.”

The DK T7 allows end-users to adapt to virtually any format including 3G SDI I/O. The unit also offers eight AES/EBU input/output channels, 2ch analogue input channels, headphone output and HDMI monitor output.

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