IBC2013: Enhanced communication on location

Broadcast Manufactur (BroaMan) is extending its intercom range with a new IC444 SDI device complete with video sync. Aimed at OB vans, the SDI-Intercom features four line in/line outs, four GPI (with optocoupler) and four GPO (with relays). It also supports up to eight 3G/HD-SDI inputs or outputs, has built-in CWDM and contains auxiliary fibre ports for an optocore network or third party fibre protocols.

SDI-Intercom also features a new tri-level or bi-level sync board with RS485/GPIO, which can be used in other BroaMan products, and advanced single channel monitoring features with the latest control software.

The new device can work in a redundant ring topology or with back-up links with automatic switchover.