Swedish House Mafia IKEA

IKEA announce new home studio collection with Swedish House Mafia

IKEA has announced plans to create a range of home products designed to make a low cost home studio and furnishings that allow people to be ‘more creative’.

The move will likely include acoustic treatments at cheaper prices than dedicated solutions currently. The move follows a IKEA tie-in with Sonos which added Sonos powered lights and shelf solutions for the home. The pandemic has seen an explosion of new artists create music at home and forced many pro engineers and producers to work from home. IKEA will have seen the stats and companies such as Vicoustic making a sustainable business out of acoustic treatment solutions.

“More and more people are making music at home, and for many music lovers, home is often the place where they start to explore their creativity. The challenge is that a home is often built and designed to match different needs than the ones you might have as a music fan or creator”.

“At IKEA, we are keen to find a solution to the problems many music fans are facing. That’s why we are teaming up with Swedish House Mafia, one of the most successful artists in the electronic music industry with a strong background in music production. Together we want to explore how we can enable the many music creators and lovers to be more creative at home  .

“We are very excited and happy to announce the collaboration with Swedish House Mafia. With their solid expertise in music production, we hope to be able together to democratize creativity and music production so that even more people can be more creative at home,” says James Futcher, Product Design Leader at IKEA of Sweden.

Grammy Award nominated trio Swedish House Mafia, consisting of Axwell, Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso, are widely recognized as pioneers of electronic music and their live shows are legendary around the world. “We both wanted to reach out of our comfort zones and create something new and fresh together: a pure collaboration between music creators and a home expert. We strongly felt a need to collaborate with someone who shared our vision of making it possible for everyone to create music at home. As artists and producers, we also understand the importance of a home studio set-up and the needs and challenges of many up-and-coming artists and creatives have at home,” says Swedish House Mafia.

The collection is planned to launch September 2022 and will consist of home furnishing solutions designed to make it easier to get into a creative flow for producing, playing, and
listening to music at home. “We want to explore how IKEA together with Swedish House Mafia could make the everyday life easier for the many people listening to and creating music. This collection will enable people to create the perfect home studio for an affordable price,” says James Futcher.