InfoComm 2013: Aviom introduces A-Net Distributor and System Bridge

Aviom’s new D800 A-Net Distributor and SB4 System Bridge can combine up to four synchronised 16-channel Pro16 A-Net streams to distribute to a personal mixing system, making it possible to connect multiple digital console cards for use in Aviom personal mixing systems with expanded channel counts. Aviom’s new A360 Personal Mixers are driven by a 36-channel mix engine, and channels can be selected and organised individually for each personal mixer, drawing from a network pool of up to 64 channels.

With the SB4, those 64 channels can all come directly from a digital console via Aviom16/o-Y1 A-Net Cards for Yamaha consoles or any of the other consoles that connect directly to an Aviom system through A-Net cards. “This product makes it simple for digital console users to add channels to their Aviom personal mixing systems,” explained Aviom’s product research and development manager Ray Legnini. “With the SB4 and D800, all those channels can stay in the digital domain.”

In addition, the D800 A-Net Distributor introduces two new features to Aviom personal mixing systems using A360 Personal Mixers. The new Network Mix Back allows the digital stereo mix from each A360 Personal Mixer connected to the D800 to be sent to an AN-16/o v.4 Output Module for use with wireless transmitters. With Network Mix Back, wireless in-ears can easily be set up off stage and cabling for the personal mixers on stage is simplified. In addition, the D800 serves as a communications hub for iOS devices connected via an Ethernet WiFi router. iOS support for the A360 is scheduled for release in 2014.

Both the SB4 and the D800 are fully compatible with both the Pro16 version of A-Net – used in Pro16 digital snake systems – and the new Pro16e version of A-Net, the technology driving the A360 Personal Mixers which allows multiple 16-channel banks of monitoring content to be delivered over a single Cat-5 cable.