ISE 2016: Clear-Com presents new range of intercom solutions

Clear-Com will showcase its latest communication and connectivity tools at ISE 2016.

The recently-released HelixNet Version 3.0, a software-only update to the HelixNet digital network partyline platform, adds to the overall capacity of the HelixNet system allowing it a six-fold expansion for supporting more communication channels and more users during live productions. HelixNet’s basic channel count has been multiplied by three, with a new offering of 12 channels per HMS-4X main station. An additional 12 channels can be added by purchasing a licence, effectively enabling a single HMS-4X to provide a total of 24 channels.

The all-new, 2.4GHz DX410 wireless intercom system delivers two communication channels that feature 7kHz wideband audio. The DX410 also features a lighter weight yet durable beltpack and all-in-one wireless headsets, along with an upgraded radio and lost packet concealment capability.

Agent-IC from Clear-Com is a new mobile app that provides users of Eclipse-HX Matrix intercom systems remote access from an iPhone or iPad over 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi / IP networks. The app offers an intercom panel to connect studio staff and OB teams in remote locations or crew spread across wide areas for live events using portable handheld devices.

Lastly, the LQ Series is a family of connectivity devices for linking intercom and audio systems over LAN, WAN or IP networks, and can be used for intercom conversation, networked music performances and for audio signals between different facilities. The new LQ-R devices can provide either four or eight ports per rack unit, while the compact LQ throw-down devices offer two ports of connectivity. The LQ-R devices have the option of either eight 4-wire connections, four 2-wire connections, or four 2-wire and four 4-wire connections in a single unit. The 2-wire option is both Clear-Com and RTS TW compatible, while a maximum of six LQ IP interfaces can be linked together in any 2- or 4-wire combination.

“We’re pleased to bring our latest Clear-Com wireless and connectivity products to ISE 2016 this year, as well as our extensive range of products,” said Simon Browne, director of product management at Clear-Com. “Our cost-effective and robust solutions, whether wired or wireless, are built for many installations that are in need of reliable, flexible, and efficient communications.”