ISE 2017: Powersoft launches Quattrocanali amplifier series

Powersoft has again chosen the ISE Show as the forum to launch its new Quattrocanali Series, following the launch of its eight-channel Ottocanali series at the show two years ago.

As in previous years, Powersoft will share booth 7-K180 with its Dutch distributor, Ampco Flashlight Sales.

This completes the company’s installation series that also includes the Duecanali (two-channel) range.

The new four-channel amplifier platform includes three models:

Quattrocanali 4804: 1200 W per channel @ 8ohm; 1500 W per channel @ 2 ohm; 3000 W bridged @ 4 ohms;

Quattrocanali 2404: 600 W per channel @ 8ohm; 800 W per channel @ 2 ohm; 1200 W bridged @ 4 ohms;

Quattrocanali 1204: 300 W per channel @ 8 ohm; 500 W per channel @ 2 ohm; 1000 W bridged @ 4 ohms.

The new 1RU four-channel amplifier platform, which features a switch-mode power supply with power factor correction, smart rail management and bridgeable switch mode fixed frequency Class D output circuit topology, is ideal for applications such as bars, restaurants, retail outlets and fitness centres.

Quattrocanali’s design implements certain features so that it may be installed in places that were once deemed unpractical and unsafe, while reducing the need for external outboard. Additionally, low thermal dissipation ratings make the use of external cooling superfluous.

The new amplifiers are available in both DSP and non-DSP versions, which are both fully remote controllable via standard GPI/O connections on the back panel, Powersoft’s Armonìa software, dedicated web app, or third party application. The operator may set up the Quattrocanali offline, saving precious time, and enabling the audio engineer to work on presets from the comfort of his/her office. Quattrocanali can also be integrated within High Impedance 70V-100V distributed line systems, while DSP+D versions feature full compatibility with Ottocanali and X Series amplifier platforms.

“Whilst the Ottocanali Series is purpose-designed for large installations with mission critical requirements, the new Quattrocanali series meets the requirements for small and medium applications where channel count is limited but the need of a flexible product to work with Hi-Z and Lo-Z systems is a must,” said Marc Kocks, Powersoft’s business development manager for Fixed Install.

Powersoft will also use ISE 2017 to present the latest addition to its Duecanali Series. The Duecanali 1602 is a two-channel model and in terms of on-board technology is similar to the Quattrocanali – although it differs from the current Duecanali Series, which is based on K Series.

The amplifier is able to drive low impedance loads (2/4/8 Ohm) and 70V/100V distributed lines selectable per channel. Furthermore, it provides more than 16 different possible output configurations (Lo-Z, Hi-Z, bridge mode, parallel mode, and combinations of these), delivering a maximum output power per channel of: 800W at 8 Ω; 800 W at 4 Ω; 1000 W at 2 Ω; 2000 Watt at 8Ω bridged; 1600 Watt at 4 Ω bridged; 800 Watt at 100 Volt and 800 Watt at 70 Volt. Network audio expansion is provided by the Dante protocol with a capacity of 4 x 4 channels (not available in the earlier Duecanali models).