iZotope reveals RX 3

iZotope has announced its RX 3 and RX 3 Advanced audio repair and restoration software.

RX is packed with numerous features to enable you to remove unwanted noise from your audio, restore clipped audio, resynthesise missing audio and much more.

With the new RX 3 and RX 3 Advanced you can work up to six times faster thanks to under-the-hood processing enhancements and a redesigned user interface; remove reverb and ambience from vocals, instruments and more using the Dereverb module in RX 3 Advanced; clean up dialogue on the fly with RX 3 Advanced’s all new Dialogue Denoiser – for realtime dialogue treatment; and never lose an edit again with the unlimited Undo history, saved automatically into the new RX document format.

iZotope RX3 and RX3 Advanced are due to be released in September 2013.

Anyone who purchases RX 2 between 1 July 2013 and 16 September 2013 will be entitled to upgrade to RX 3 for free. Plus, as part of Time+Space’s August Extras promotion, buy RX 2 and they’ll send you Groove 3’s RX 2 Explained tutorial package for free.