Korg Modwave

Korg Modwave wavetable synth now on sale

First announced back in January, the Korg Modwave wavetable synth has finally landed.

Based on the classic Korg DW-8000, the new Modwave is designed to evolve the DW legacy into “a modern monster synth”.

The Modwave features incredibly deep wavetable oscillators, flexible modulation, and comprehensive pattern sequencing, to deliver powerful, and easily customisable sounds and phrases.

The new synth introduces two unique new tools for creating dynamic motion: Kaoss Physics and Motion Sequencing 2.0. 

Kaoss Physics combines an x/y Kaoss pad with modulatable game physics to create a powerful and responsive controller. Motion Sequencing 2.0 brings the organic, continuously evolving patterns of the wavestate’s Wave Sequencing 2.0 into the world of motion sequencing, including multiple lanes and real-time recording to help create complex and evolving phrases that other step sequencers cannot deliver.

Korg Modwave topThe Modwave’s evolved wavetable synthesis delivers its own brand of unique sounds and a knob-per-function layout that makes customisation fast and easy. 

There are hundreds of preset sounds organised by front-panel category buttons, and all are instantly customisable via the four Modulation Knobs.

Starting with over 200 wavetables, each contains up to 64 waveforms – from thousands of individual waves. More than 30 Modifiers can be used to change their basic characters ad the 13 Morph Types to process them in real time. 

There are more than 230 million wavetable variations out of the box, before modulation is added to the mix. Users can also load their own custom wavetables as there is room for thousands more. 

The Korg Modwave is available now with a price tag of £699/£799.

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