KRK releases Rokit G3 monitors

KRK Systems has announced its Rokit Generation 3 Studio Monitors (Rokit G3), which have been exclusively reviewed by Nigel Palmer for Audio Media’s September 2013 issue. This new line of two-way active monitors is available in five-inch, six-inch and eight-inch options.

“This latest generation is a natural evolution of the company’s design philosophy: deliver natural, balanced spectral response, with low distortion and superior imaging,” said Gus Jursch, Director of Operations for Gibson Pro Audio. “We designed the Rokit G3 line not just to the highest sonic standards, but to achieve a level of versatility that allows all users take their mixes to the next level, regardless of musical context. High and low frequency amplifier adjustments allow tailoring the monitor to taste, as well as provide a better fit to individual room acoustics; the extended, accurate high and low frequency response results in mixes that translate over a wide variety of playback systems. What’s more, the new line maintains the Rokit reputation as being ideal for a wide range of users, from those starting out in desktop recording to pro-level mixing and mastering engineers.”

The Rokit G3 features a lightweight composite woofer; a tuning process that treats the woofer, cabinet and port as a single, integrated whole; and a re-designed radius cabinet baffle.

The Rokit’s analogue, bi-amped, class A/B amplifier has also been enhanced to maximise headroom while retaining minimal distortion.

Each monitor in the Rokit G3 line features an upgraded one-inch silk-dome tweeter that provides response up to 35kHz, coupled with KRK’s optimised, proprietary waveguide technology.

The KRK Rokit G3 line ships worldwide on 1 September, 2013.