KRK reveals new range of Studio Subwoofers

KRK has announced a new range of powered subwoofers, which will be available from spring 2021. 

The new KRK Studio Subwoofers will be available in 8-, 10-, and 12-inch variations: S8.4, S10.4, and S12.4. 

“KRK’s redesigned subwoofers don’t just deliver precise bass and a rich feature set; they’re the next dimension in subwoofer performance,” said Sterling Doak, director of marketing for Gibson. “When mixing tracks for bass-heavy genres, it is especially important for producers and DJs to integrate a quality subwoofer solution into their studio set up. Our new generation of subwoofers are perfect for reproducing the low end of your mix—ensuring that you’re giving your tracks the exact amount of bass you desire.” 

The new range comes with a variety of connectivity options, with XLR, 1/4″ TRS, and RCA inputs and outputs that interface with ‘just about any’ manufacturer’s studio monitors, mixers, and/or audio interfaces. With an exclusive bypass control feature, users can send full-range audio to their monitors at the click of an optional footswitch without having to leave the monitoring ‘sweet spot’ to turn off the subwoofer. 

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Additional features include improved low-frequency extension, improved porting for enhanced low-frequency phase response and less port noise, as well as a four-position crossover frequency selection switch. 

“With studio subwoofers, users are looking to achieve the most balanced, tight, and pure sound—and with KRK subwoofers, what you hear is what you get,” Doak added. “Pairing a KRK subwoofer with any KRK studio monitor will deliver an optimized listening and mixing experience with extended low end.”