L-Acoustics debuts Kara II line source system with Panflex

Large venue audio specialist L-Acoustics has introduced the Kara II, an evolution of its best-selling Kara model. Now with Panflex, this modular line source system can be deployed either standalone or with its companion subwoofer, the SB18.

Assembled as a variable curvature line source, the Kara II combines clarity with a long throw capability and would typically be used for performing arts, congregations, large corporate and special events.

A single Kara II enclosure offers four horizontal directivity patterns: 70° or 110° symmetrical and 90° asymmetrical on either side. With a tighter control of the directivity, the 70° setting brings an additional 2 dB compared to the 110° setting increasing throw capability. With Panflex and inter-element angles ranging from 0° to 10°, a Kara II line source coverage can be more precisely tailored to the audience.

In standalone guise, the Kara II can be used as a main system for vocal reinforcement and music material, with light LF requirements or as a complement to large sound systems in fill and delay applications. When partnered with the SB18 subwoofer, this modular system can accommodate any program material requiring bandwidth, contour and output, says the manufacturer.

“Kara has been a perpetual best-seller for a reason. Its lightweight, diminutive form factor and strong SPL make it the perfect tool for a plethora of events or permanent installs,” says Florent Bernard,Executive Director of Application Design at L-Acoustics.

“When we introduced Panflex to the industry, our clients told us this was the only thing missing from Kara. We listened, and the new Kara II brings our medium-format line array into a new era of added directivity and improved polar stability.”

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