Lawo adds new compact console to mc2 series

Lawo has introduced its most compact, feature-filled all-in-one mixer to date: the mc² 36 audio production console.

The new mc² 36 illustrates Lawo’s desire to shrink the console footprint in every way possible, while continuing to up its feature set. The latest console in the successful mc² series of control surfaces not only adopts a large chunk of the range’s feature set, but Lawo insists that it also “completely redefines what a compact mixing console for theatre, houses of worship, corporate, live and broadcast audio applications must deliver”.

An all-in-one console at heart, the new mc² 36 is sleeker than its predecessor but boasts double the number of DSP channels, both at 48 kHz and 96 kHz. It delivers the same convenience as its larger siblings: all industry-standard audio inputs and outputs are built-in, with native IP connectivity at its centre.

Powered by Lawo’s latest generation of A__UHD Core software-defined processing technology, this console delivers all the flexibility offered by IP technology — but with intuitive tools that make setup and management as simple as possible.

The console is fully geared to handle any kind of remote application and provides easy deployment for on-site scenarios, including point-to-point connectivity for A__stage IP stageboxes.

The mc² 36’s automated mixing capabilities include an Automix function that can automatically adjust the Ievels of active and inactive microphones, while maintaining a constant, natural sounding ambient Ievel. This feature provides unique functionality especially in live productions with multiple presenters or performers.

Automix can be used for any signals, from mono and stereo to multiple surround channels to minimise background noise and crosstalk with reduced sound coloration.