Lectrosonics launches HHa transmitter

Lectrosonics has expanded its Digital Hybrid Wireless series with the new HHa handheld transmitter.

The HHa offers a wide tuning range of 75MHz or three standard Lectrosonics blocks, selectable RF power of 50 or 100mW, IR sync for quick setup, and a USB port for firmware updates in the field. The HHa is designed for a variety of wireless microphone applications including speech, live vocal performance, theatre, broadcast, AV rental and houses of worship.

The transmitter is also billed as an ideal companion to the new Venue 2 wide bandwidth modular receiver system and features a frequency response of 40Hz-20kHz +/- 1dB and 105dB(A) signal to noise. The Digital Hybrid Wireless process offers compandor-free audio and uses an analogue FM carrier to transmit a specially encoded signal which delivers digital audio quality while remaining highly spectrum efficient, according to the manufacturer.

The HHa’s standard capsule mount accepts a range of industry-standard dynamic, electret and condenser microphone elements and features a programmable external button which can be set as mute, cough, power, talkback, or bypassed altogether.

"I’m really excited that the handheld transmitter is now joining our wide-tuning product group as a companion to the SSM, LT and Venue 2,” remarked Karl Winkler, vice president of sales/service for Lectrosonics. “The wide tuning range makes it much easier to find an open frequency for good performance, and cuts down by a third the amount of inventory needed to cover the available spectrum.

"Along with that, we’ve engineered some handy features into this unit to make it easy to set up and use, along with a ton of flexibility and power right at the fingertips of the working pros out there. The HHa ought to find a home throughout the world on stages, in interviews, and on TV."

US MSRP for the HHa is $1,750, with expected availability in Q4, 2015.